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Signature Cleaning Bundle

Heaven sent for everyday cleaning.

Experience the power of our plant-based cleaner that quickly breaks down diabolical dirt, grease, grime, and stains, along with our reusable microfiber cloths that gently lift and remove any mess with ease.
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Customers are raving

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Clean Angel is AMAZING!
I typically LOATHE cleaning my stainless steel appliances.  Clean Angel made it super easy.
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- Jennifer
Layton, UT
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Cleaning is FUN! 
I just got makeup out of my carpet. I'm now walking around the house asking who has got more stains I can clean up? 
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- Becky
Independence, KY
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It WORKS! It's awesome.
I am now addicted to trying Clean Angel on everything I can think of.
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- Erin
Roanoke, VA
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My shower SPARKLES!
The quickest and easiest way to clean my shower. Spray with Clean Angel, wipe with a microfiber cloth, rinse, and wipe again...BAM!
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- Ashley
Fort Mill, SC
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No more headaches! I LOVE it.
I can't use cleaners with bleach because they give me migraines. Clean Angel has a nice scent that is not overpowering at all!
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- Valerie
Boone, NC
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Red clay stains? No PROBLEM!
The red clay on my son's baseball pants comes out in a skinny second. This stuff is amazing!
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- Emily
Mount Pleasant, SC

Customers are raving

Blood Stain on Shower Curtain
Dirty White Tennis Shoes
Blood stain on shower curtain.
Shower curtain after blood stain removed with Clean Angel.
Dirty white shoes with mud and dirt stains.
White shoes cleaned after using Clean Angel.
A coffee stain on a shirt.
A coffee stain on a shirt.

Environmentally friendly cleaning products

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Natural Extracts
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No Harsh Chemicals
The Clean Angel Signature Bundle containing cleaner and microfiber cloths.

A match made in heaven.

We understand that cleaning can be one of the most time-consuming household chores. That is why we are excited to offer our Clean Angel Signature Bundle - everything you need to clean anything around your house!

Clean surfaces like never before while saving money using fewer products. Our Clean Angel Signature bundle combines our environmentally friendly multi-purpose cleaner and stain remover with three microfiber cloths for the ultimate cleaning experience.

Product shot if Clean Angle microfiber cloths.

Spills and messes? Wiped clean.

Say goodbye to disposable paper towels and hello to Clean Angel reusable microfiber cloths! Our versatile cleaning microfiber cloths make it simple to clean every surface of your home while being environmentally friendly.

Perfect for cleaning a variety of surfaces including glass, mirrors, countertops, fabrics, carpet, and many more. Three different types of cloths are available for a range of applications including general cleaning, scrubbing, and polishing

Clean Angel Cleaner and Stain Remover bottle.

Stubborn stains? Put your faith in us.

Clean Angel Multi-Purpose Cleaner and Stain Remover is designed with your most frustrating household stains in mind.

Our powerful, plant-based cleaner formula
breaks down and removes tough stains like food, drink, blood, grease, ink, oil, grass, mud, dirt, and much more without using harsh chemicals or bleach.